B.R. and N.C.B. 1960S MONO 35MM - Ironroad
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That's me on the left in the hat at the Metallurgical Laboratory at the Ordnance Factory in Birtley. What a bunch of wallies! I was seventeen-years old in 1966. My boss, who was a member of the Durham Photographic Society, was aghast at my railway photographic output - he was more interested in speedway and took fantastic panned shots on his Rolliflex and much more, besides. But he let me loose in the Darkroom to develop and print my 'dark rubbish' images when working overtime at the week-ends! I really did not spend a great deal of time taking railway pictures as I had no real idea what was going on - we had no phone, the internet was decades away and I was limited to hitch-hiking and the odd rail journey after steam finished in the North-East. That said, I did have a 'whale-of-a-time' taking my dark images - a reflection of the times!